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Fresh, Nova Scotia live lobster available for immediate shipment in a variety of sizes. Sizes range from 1 pound to 4 pound jumbo sized lobsters.

Different areas of Nova Scotia enjoy lobster fishing seasons that alternate around the year to give the population adequate time for re-growth and regeneration.  Lobsterworld.com has buying power to secure lobster purchases from all the different fishing areas off the coast of Nova Scotia and we can provide fresh lobster to your door any time of year.

Lobsterworld.com only sells hard shelled, packed full of meat, high quality two claw lobsters. You will be able to taste the freshness in every bite. When Lobsterworld.com live lobsters are packed for travel, we select the liveliest, hardy fresh lobsters for shipment.

Lobsterworld.com also provides an adequate amount of sea salt harvested from our shores to perfectly season your cooking water for the best results - taste the quality!

Helpful TipsHow to Cook and Shell Lobster

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