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Glossary of Terms

Berried Female - a female lobster with its eggs attached to its swimmerets

Berries - lobster eggs

Bullet - a lobster missing both claws

Bug - slang for lobster

Carapace - the shell covering the cephalothorax

Cephalothorax - a lobster's head and thorax are joined.This term defines the area including the head and thorax.

Cock - a male lobster

Cull - a lobster missing one or both claws

Egger - a berried female

Hard Shell Lobsters - has the hardest shell of all . They can be identified by looking at the underside of the claws of a live animal, black mottling indicates that the animal has a hard shell and has not moulted yet, once cooked, you'll need nutcrackers to get the shell off

Hen - a female lobster

Lobster Pot - see trap

Moult - to shed the shell in order to form a new one to accommodate the animals larger size as it grows

New-Shell Lobster - a lobster that has recently moulted and whose shell is still relatively soft . New shell usually do not get bands put on their claws because they are so soft they can't inflict any damage to other lobster, some shells may be so soft that the band may crush the claw pistol - see bullet

Soft-Shell Lobster - harder than the new-shell . The claws have hardened enough to be banded, once cooked, the shell can usually be removed with bare hands

Trap - a baited cage used to trap lobster